Monday, January 23, 2006

Jethro Bodine Could Spell Better Than This!

If my confidence in planes, the airport system in general, and the authorities charged with the responsibility to make everything go smoothly weren't already in a sad state of affairs, imagine my dismay when I spotted this sign at baggage claim. It's a damned good thing that this brilliant bit of instruction wasn't brought to my attention until AFTER the plane carrying my oldest son (and his classmates from a school D.C. trip) had landed safely at the D/FW Airport.


Blogger Shrinking Violet said...

Oh dear God. I guess they had to scrimp and save so they could pay the guards that extra 10 cents per hour. God forbid we should pay them a liveable wage. Did I spell that right?

1:17 PM  
Blogger The Gradual Gardener said...

My daughter went on a class trip to D.C. last year. She was there the week that a plane strayed into restricted airspace and the Capitol was evacuated. Fortunately she was at Arlington at the time. Not much fun for mom, waiting at home, though!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

Hmm, which is more worrisome, illiterate teenagers with the keys to the little cars that zoom around jets taking off and landing or mothers traveling alone with two babies carrying childrens' fingernail clippers in their diaper bags?

2:00 PM  
Blogger mrtl said...

Dios mio.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Spamboy said...

Biggest trouble I got into as a kid was during the 1980 Christmas season. My mother and I were at Marshall-Field's in downtown Chicago, and the bright, shiny, candy-like button on the down escalator was irresistable. It was full of winter-coat-clad, shopping-bag-laden Midwesterners who transformed into human dominoes upon the sudden stop of the escalator. I am still surprised that I received any Christmas gifts that year...

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Spamboy said...

Oh, and here's a good example from the Addison area:

2:49 PM  
Blogger Arabella said...

Unbelievable sign. Sheesh.

4:15 PM  
Blogger mama_tulip said...

At first I was like, "Oh, 'emergency' is just missing an E. It's not so bad."

Then I went back and read it again.


Dear Lord.

4:23 PM  
Blogger mE said...

You are such a vowl bigit...

(I saw my entry on the Knitting Olympics page, and have decided that if we are going to be profligate with the vowels, we should really do the thing up right)

8:27 PM  

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